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Special Interest Holidays

Method Putkisto (group)

Get a great looking body in a week with Marja Putkisto.
‘Method Putkisto is one of the most sensible, effective and body changing (if not potentially life and health changing) methods of exercise I have tried.’ Newby Hands, Director of Health & Beauty, Harpers & Queen
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Get a great looking body in a week with Marja Putkisto

2015: 2 May, 9 May and 3 October

2016: 1 May, 8 May & 2 October


Method Putkisto Body Break - lean and lifted

The deep stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises will lift your body to its ultimate posture and freedom of movement.

Posture: let's lift it, and learn how you can use your surroundings to achieve this

Core Strength: just feel the difference - wonderful!

Improved breathing: empty your lungs from deep down and refill them with pure sea and mountain air

Freedom of movement: for us to be free to move, the spine needs to be stable and flexible and most of all, it needs rotational movement. We teach you how to stablilize your spine and improve the way you move.

This is an ultimate detoxifying, muscle rebalancing and energising break. It is excellent for stress release and relaxation. Marja and her team introduce you to different types of exercises that are precise and adaptable for all body shapes.


The programme incorporates BODY, supported by METHOD PUTKISTO FACE programme

"We no longer have to rely on plastic surgery intervention. When you follow the Method Putkisto 3D Natural Face Clinic programme, your beauty is in your own hands."


Nutritional Support

Guests who wish to support the process nutritionally will be provided with guidelines.

All the food is biodynamic and locally grown

We recommend a wheat-free week

Organic, top quality olive oil to keep the skin supple and hydrated

Plenty of organic, grilled vegetables to heal the body.